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The Holographic Nail Trend

The Holographic Nail Trend

16 September 2016

Nails are the best part of being a girl - long or short, bright or bold colors, it doesn't matter - nails are definitely a way to show your personality and mine is obviously very dramatic because the crazier the design, the better! 

The latest nail craze and at top salons are holographic nails that technicians create with a special powder rubbed onto the nail. It's very disco, but I love it! Would you wear these, and better yet - do you know someone in Cape Town that do these because I want it! 

Holographic Nail trend 2is1

Holographic Nail trend 2is1

Holographic Nail trend 2is1
Holographic Nail trend 2is1

Holographic Nail trend 2is1

Holographic Nail trend 2is1

Ritza Bellingan 

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