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Celebrity styles of the week

Celebrity styles of the week

13 October 2013

To keep track of what is hot and trendy, celebrity styles are the ones to follow. From good to bad - we love to see what they are wearing and it is interesting to see how they inspire fashion lovers.

Let's be honest - most celebrities need stylists even when they go out for coffee as they are looked at by millions and all their fans want their looks.

Kris Jenner looked age appropriate in a black dress with lace trimmings and Sandra Bullock's red carpet look  is our favourite celebrity look of the week.

Celeb looks of the week: 2is1

Celeb looks of the week: 2is1

Celeb looks of the week: 2is1

Celeb looks of the week: 2is1

Celeb looks of the week: 2is1

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